Did you know that Santa has his very own mail box here in Edmonds?

Every year Santa sneaks into town and places his very own mailbox outside the Log Cabin Visitor Information Center at the corner of 5th Avenue N and Bell Street.  This is no ordinary mail box; your letters don’t just disappear to the North Pole never to be seen again.  The letters you put in this special mail box guarantee that Santa and his elves will reply back!  No more waiting until Christmas morning to see if he got it right.

“With so many special events canceled this year we are excited to still bring this one to our community.” said Greg Urban, Edmonds Chamber President and CEO.  “This year we went the extra step and spruced up the mail box with fresh paint and new graphics.”

Get out your paper, crayons and stickers to write your very best note to Santa.  Tell him how good you have been this year and what you want most for Christmas.  Seal up your envelope and make sure to put your return address on it or the elves won’t know where to send your letter from Santa.

“This is a wonderful Edmonds tradition, and the Chamber is thrilled to support Santa and his elves by purchasing all the supplies and coordinating with our volunteer elves,” said Urban.   “We have amazing volunteer elves who read and reply to each letter.”

Parents need to be sure that each letter has a return address, or it cannot be answered.  The last day to drop off your letter to Santa and get a reply by Christmas is December 17th.  The Santa mailbox is located at 120 5th Avenue N, near the Log Cabin across from City Hall.

Additional details are available by calling the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, at 425-670-1496, or at www.EdmondsChamber.com