About Us

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce was chartered in 1907. The Chamber is a voluntary organization serving over 440 business and professional leaders in several neighborhoods including the Downtown Edmonds, Waterfront, Perrinville, Five Corners, Westgate and Highway 99 districts. The chamber mission is to promote the economic vitality of Edmonds through advocacy, leadership, education and community-building events. The organization also serves to encourage unified public support and initiate action for the sustainability of our rich quality of life in our community, county and state.

Members are encouraged to join committees and volunteer for events.  Board members meet monthly and participate in a yearly retreat to establish and monitor the work plan goals in response to the members.

Get involved.  Make it happen.  Your voice will be heard.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We at the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce want to publicly express our renewed commitment to be an inclusive organization that respects and celebrates the diversity of our business community and the entire Edmonds community.

Our mission is to promote the economic vitality of Edmonds through advocacy, leadership, education, and community events. We recognize that diverse backgrounds and experiences of Edmonds residents and business leaders contribute profoundly to that vitality. We aspire to be an organization that fosters an inclusive environment for the betterment of our community.

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce staff and Board of Directors strive to:

  • Continue to seek partnerships to share resources and ideas for promoting equity, and inclusion in the business community and beyond.
  • Look for opportunities to listen, learn, and grow in our equity efforts.
  • Foster environments in which we can lead meaningful discussions about equity in the business community.
  • Continue to educate ourselves on issues of inequity and ways to advance principles of inclusion.
  • Allocate resources toward fostering a more equitable business climate.

Much work remains in creating a world more equitable and welcoming for all.  We realize that making a meaningful difference in our community will require the work and commitment of many, not just a few.  We invite you to join us.