Community Transit is asking people who live and travel in Snohomish County to provide feedback on a redesigned bus network in anticipation of connecting to light rail in 2024.

Based on public input, this proposed network includes:

  • New local and express (fewer stops) routes.
  • More neighborhood bus service, including service in new areas to provide access to schools, jobs, and destinations.
  • More frequent bus service with the new Swift Orange Line and additional local routes, increasing frequent weekday bus service by nearly 50%.
  • More bus service during key travel times, including approximately 30% more trips during the middle of the day and more than doubling the number of routes operating until 11 p.m..
  • All 400 and 800-series buses will be replaced by a new 900-route series. 900-series buses will provide connections to light rail within Snohomish County, instead of going to Northgate Station or downtown Seattle.

The online survey is open through May 31 and is available in five languages:

Community Transit will host a Zoom presentation of the draft bus network on May 2 at 12 p.m. The Zoom can be accessed at Members of the public can review the new routes and ask questions.

“With light rail coming to Lynnwood, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to remake bus service in our county to make it easier for more people to use,” said Community Transit CEO Ric Ilgenfritz. “We’re rolling out ideas based on the first round of public input, and we really want to hear what people think. This is the public’s chance to help shape the future of mobility in Snohomish County.”

The proposal consolidates bus service into 36 routes within Snohomish County, offering more frequent service on certain routes. Some new routes will be added along with more evening service. Also included is expansion of bus rapid transit (BRT) service, the agency’s highest ridership service, which travels along some of the most heavily used corridors in the county. Swift Orange Line will be the third BRT route to serve riders in Snohomish County, and will offer direct connections to light rail in Lynnwood.

The agency is also exploring new service options like microtransit, which will be piloted in Lynnwood later this year.

Once approved, the route changes will take place in 2023-24.