Each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, thousands bundle in their winters finest and gather at Centennial Plaza in anticipation of Santa’s arrival and the lighting of our community tree.

But as with so many other events this year, it won’t happen in 2020.

“Due to COVID restrictions, the Chamber will not be holding the traditional Tree Lighting Ceremony.Instead, we are working with our community partners to bring more safe, social distance activities to our community during the holiday season” said Greg Urban of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

The Tree Lighting Ceremony is the latest and last community event of 2020 to be canceled by the virus. These events are not paid for by tax dollars, it is the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce that produces and funds our beloved community events (and keeps them free for all) each year.

“As of now, the plan is to have our community holiday tree on a timer, so it lights up every day at 5:00 pm.This will allow people to visit and experience their own little tree lighting any day of the week.”

The Chamber of Commerce does much more than events. Its fundamental mission is to help our local businesses be coordinated, efficient and healthy. And the popularity of the public events is a fun reminder of how, behind the scenes, the Chamber of Commerce is hard at work in making our community what it has become.

Visit www.EdmondsHolidays.com to see all the events happening in town for the holidays, be sure to support our local merchants and your Edmonds Chamber of Commerce at www.SupportEdmonds.com to ensure the events that make our city so special return in 2021!

Special thanks to our Premium level members who are supporting the efforts of the Edmonds Chamber in these difficult times.