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Sign up to accept Edmonds Cash at your business. This is a community currency gift certificate program that sends customers exclusively to the doors of our participating merchants. Anyone can buy Edmonds Cash online and it’s very easy to use and redeem. Edmonds Cash is another way to get extra publicity and bring new customers to your business.    Edmonds Cash Merchant FAQ (PDF)

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The participation fee of 8% per certificate face value covers the operational and marketing costs of the program as well as credit card fees. That’s it, no expensive equipment or outrageous set-up fees.  You will receive 92% of the face value of certificates redeemed every 2 weeks by ACH transfer.

  1. Certificates are purchased from the Edmonds Chamber website.
  2. Buyers print the certificates themselves or email them to their recipient to print.
  3. The certificate is presented to you, the merchant, when a purchase is made.
  4. You quickly verify the code on the certificate using simple technology we provide.
  5. The Edmonds Chamber pays you via ACH electronic funds transfer twice per month.

Merchant Portal:

  • From a web browser login to the Merchant Portal at: https://merchant.conpoto.com
  • Select the “Redeem” tab and enter the six (6) digit validation code, click “Validate Code”.
  • If valid, click “Redeem” to complete the transactions and then “Ok”.
  • If not valid, an Error message will appear telling you the certificate has already been used.

Mobile Scanning App:    (download the MerchScan app for Apple and Android)

  • Open the MerchScan app on your mobile device, using your Merchant Portal login.
  • Select “Scan Code” in the lower left and scan the QR code.
  • If valid, click “Redeem” to complete the transactions and then “Ok”.
  • If not valid, an Error message will appear telling you the certificate has already been used.

For any unused portion of a certificate you may at your discretion:

  1. Ask the customer to purchase addition merchandise or services to maximize the certificate value.
  2. Request the unused portion of the certificate be kept by the business as a tip/gratuity or donation.
  3. Issue an in-store credit for future use on a new document.
    • Use another document or internal gift card to issue any credits.
    • Do Not use the Edmonds Cash certificate to note an in-store credit.
  4. Give cash back to the customer for any unused portion of the certificate.

NOTE: Washington law allows gift certificates to be valid for life, be sure your practices regarding unused certificate values are in accordance with State law. When you validate a certificate, it validates the full amount of the certificate and you are paid on that full value.

  • A maximum of fifteen (15) advertising slots are available on the Edmonds Cash certificates.
  • Ad placement on the Edmonds Cash certificates are included in the order received.
  • Ad placement is for six (6) or twelve (12) month periods.
  • Cost for the Advertising Agreement is billed in full and due before placement.
    • 6 months @ $400.00
    • 12 months @ $750.00
  • Ads must be emailed to EdmondsCash@edmondswa.com
    • JPEG or PNG format
    • Ad Size: 774 x 319 px
  • How do I get paid?
    • The Edmonds Chamber pays your redeemed certificates twice each month by ACH.
  • Can the certificates be used more than once?
    • Each certificate has a unique code that, when verified, cannot be reused.
  • What if the customer doesn’t use the whole certificate?
    • You may ask the remainder be kept as a tip/donation, issue an in-store credit or give cash back for any unused portion of the certificate. Be sure to review and abide by all applicable State laws.
  • Can I get a report on activity?
    • Yes, by logging on to the Merchant Portal on our website you can see what has been redeemed and paid.


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