In 2019, the Edmonds Chamber Foundation created the WISH Fund (When Inconvenient Stuff Happens) to help small businesses get back on their feet after an unexpected disaster.  In its typical form, a small grant is awarded to a business or organization that has experienced damage – due to vandalism, burglary, fire, wind, flooding, etc. – and needs help to cover the cost of repairs.

The Foundation Board voted unanimously to expand the scope and capacity of the WISH Fund during this time of large-scale business interruption.

“Recently I have seen businesses changing their entire service model from in-studio classes to online subscriptions and from in-person meetings to Zoom conferences. Our way of doing business is changing and our businesses must adapt going forward. It is our hope that businesses may take advantage of this time to work on their businesses so that they may position themselves for success.” said Lillyan Hendershot, President of the Edmonds Chamber Foundation.

This expansion will provide $10,000 in small grants to local businesses seeking professional services.  These grants will help a business better position themselves for long-term success after this interruption abates.

Business-to-Business support grants of up to $500 will be awarded to qualified applicants through the WISH Fund. The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce will connect grant recipients with a professional service provider to provide much needed services and support.

“These grants will help business owners tackle problems that will help them come through this difficult time” said Greg Urban, President & CEO of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.  “The added benefit is each grant will help two businesses in the community, the one receiving services and the one providing them.”

Many professional service providers have expressed interest in offering their services at significantly reduced rates, which will increase the overall impact of the grant on their fellow business owners facing hardship.

Grant Application Process:

  • Applications accepted through the end of 2020 and subject to the availability of funds.
  • Business must be located within greater Edmonds (98020 & 98026) with the following exception:
    • Businesses outside of this area may apply if an active Edmonds Chamber member.
  • Businesses need not be a member of the Edmonds Chamber to apply, unless located outside Edmonds.
  • Submit a grant application at:
  • Businesses can apply for support in the following categories:
    • Computer & IT Support
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • Graphic & Signage
    • Web Design & eCommerce
    • Professional Development
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Financial Planning
    • Media Services
    • Legal Services
    • Business Analytics

Program funding is made possible by individuals and businesses in our community who have made generous donations to the Edmonds Chamber Foundation. The Foundation is a 501(C)3 providing scholarships, emergency funding and support for community events. Your donations ensure these programs keep our community strong.

For more information or to donate to the WISH Fund, please visit or contact the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce office at 425-670-1496 or