Joel Patience
The Eyru’n Makes For Open Water
Private collection

A schooner is a type of sailing vessel defined by its rig: fore-and-aft rigged on all of two or more masts and, in the case of a two-masted schooner, the foremast generally being shorter than the mainmast. A common variant, the topsail schooner also has a square topsail on the foremast, to which may be added a topgallant. Differing definitions leave uncertain whether the addition of a fore course would make such a vessel a brigantine.

“Icelandic commercial fishing was done with sailing vessels until about 1900. This type of schooners no longer exist except for the very few that are reconstructed or repurposed. For the most part they we’re not used after about 1890 – 1905. Similarly, in the Pacific NW, schooners were vital in moving timber out and supplies in.

In an effort to be accurate with this painting; I found a full set of sails in a fishing village, an ice berg that was friendly enough to hold still and, small model of this type of vessel. The name on the bow is that of our very own Viking Princess and local guide.

Joel Patience: “I have done murals as large as four meters in my watercolor style, received a once on a lifetime award for an art magazine cover and am a compensated judge for events (in addition to being a volunteer Board member of a large Italian Festival.)

I am self taught over most of my life. I can remember being very young and our family getting ready for vacations. My mom would issue me a stack of cards and a small pallet with three primary watercolors plus black. My task was to paint post cards of our trip and send them to relatives and friends. I still enjoy painting when on trips to this day.

I have degrees in Business Administration and separately in Commercial Art. Most of my career has been as a developer for closely held industrial and residential properties. My education and communication skills were a true asset in presentations and working with companies not familiar with the process of development in the U.S.
My paintings are scanned at high resolution so they can be used at almost any scale and application.” More on Joel Patience

by Henry Zaidan March 24, 2022