Many businesses and organizations have been hit hard financially during this pandemic and are making tough choices to stay afloat.  The Edmonds Chamber has not escaped this pandemic-related financial hardship and anticipates things will continue to be difficult until our large-scale fundraising events are once again allowed.

“The cancelation of all our large events in 2020 has dealt a huge blow to the Edmonds Chamber, as these events not only delight the community but are a major source of funding for the Chamber.” said Alicia Moreno, Communication & Program Coordinator for the Edmonds Chamber.  “The support by our community through the ‘An Edmonds Kind of Hero’ campaign has been heartwarming and gives us so much hope for the year ahead.”

As a team, the staff at the Chamber have come together and made the difficult decision to reduce our already small staff of three (3) down to just one (1) person.  Greg Urban will stay on as President & CEO, while Alicia Moreno and Erica Sugg will be placed on temporary furlough through the remainder of 2020.

We are incredibly grateful for the community’s ongoing support through the “An Edmonds Kind of Hero” fundraising campaign.  While the funds received thus far are appreciated it is our hope that by reducing payroll expenses now, the Chamber will have a fighting chance to make it into and thru 2021.  As the pandemic fades and our fundraising events return, the Chamber will be better positioned to bring staff back to work in early 2021.

“Alicia and Erica are critical team members of the Edmonds Chamber.” said Greg Urban, President & CEO of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.  “Their dedication to this community, our members and the Chamber’s mission are unwavering.  I am so proud to work with such amazing people and look forward to their return.”

Members may experience a reduction in outreach and engagement typical of a pre-pandemic Edmonds Chamber but much of the current programming will continue.  Our weekly Networking Zoom Breakfasts continue every Wednesday and have actually opened up a fun opportunity for retail businesses to show off their spaces, as they present to the group virtually.  As new members join Greg Urban will help onboard and coordinate ribbon-cutting ceremonies, to publicly celebrate and advertise your opening (or have something new to share).  Networking and making connections have always been at the heart of the Edmonds Chamber and that will not cease.

With the help of our community and continued success of the “An Edmonds Kind of Hero” campaign we will be able to welcome back Alicia and Erica in early 2021.

If you have opportunities, needs or ideas to share with the community don’t hesitate to reach out!


Greg Urban, President & CEO;  Alicia Moreno, Communications & Program Coordinator;  and Erica Sugg, Membership Engagement


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