The Edmonds Chamber Foundation is proud to announce another recipient of their disaster recovery grant program called the WISH Fund.

This month Pear Tree Consignment was the victim of an overnight business burglary. The thief broke in stealing computers, cash box and merchandise from the store. The costs to replace equipment, pay owners for stolen consignment items and repair the damages is not easy for a new, small business to absorb.

“The Edmonds Chamber Foundation is saddened to see an Edmonds business fall victim to burglary.” said Lillyan Hendershot, president of the Edmonds Chamber Foundation board. “We hope this $1,000 grant will assist Pear Tree Consignment in covering the loss or insurance deductible so that they may be made whole again.”

“I’m so thankful to Greg Urban and his team at the Edmonds Chamber & Foundation for providing this WISH grant. Although experiencing a break-in just a week after we re-opened has been difficult, this grant will help us to recoup some of the losses. We are also so grateful for the support and kindness we’ve received from our customers, consignors, and the local businesses, and feel very proud to be part of this amazing community.“ said Christine Poirier, owner of Pear Tree Consignment.

Thank you to our generous community who has donated to the Edmonds Chamber Foundation supporting local scholarships and the WISH Fund. More information on the WISH Fund and to download an application, visit:  (note: the WISH Fund is supporting both disaster recovery and COVID business-to-business support grants)

About the WISH Fund
The Edmonds Chamber Foundation created the WISH (When Inconvenient Stuff Happens) Fund to help businesses get back on their feet after they experience a theft, disaster or damage. The program is intended to assist in disaster recovery when an incident is not covered by insurance, a business is under-insured, or the damages are less than their deductible.

The WISH Fund is in keeping with the Chamber Foundation’s mission to support the economic, recreational, and educational interests of the Edmonds area business community and its citizens. The WISH Fund will be able to quickly respond to requests under $1,000, with larger requests subject to the availability of funds and a more thorough application process.

WISH Fund recipients are chosen by a committee comprised of Chamber Foundation board members and Edmonds Chamber staff. Recipients must apply for the funding, supply necessary documentation, and meet the basic criteria of the fund.

For more information or to donate to the WISH Fund, please visit or contact the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce office at 425-670-1496

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