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Business-to-Business Support Grants

The Edmonds Chamber Foundation has expanded the scope and capacity of its WISH Fund (When Inconvenient Stuff Happens) to fund and facilitate business-to-business support during this time of large-scale business interruption. 

This expansion funds small grants up to $1,000 for local businesses seeking professional services. The idea is to help businesses better position themselves for long-term success after this interruption abates. 

The Edmonds Chamber Foundation is offering grants to local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. These Business-to-Business support grants will be awarded to qualified applicants through the WISH Fund. The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce will connect grant recipients with a professional service provider to provide much needed services and support.


Support Restaurants & Retailers

Local businesses are an essential part of the Edmonds, we want to do everything we can to ensure their resilience during this unprecedented interruption to business. We encourage everyone to patronize our local restaurants by ordering food for takeout/delivery, shop local online stores and purchase gift cards.

View the list of restaurants, online shopping and gift cards where you can support our local businesses. Click Here.

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A Little About Us

It is hard to believe that the Edmonds Chamber is celebrating our 113th anniversary this year.  For an organization as old as we are, there is a risk of becoming irrelevant and out-of-date but that isn’t the case. We pride ourselves in honoring the past, while at the same time changing with the region and the times.  In many ways the landscape of ‘how you do business’ has changed drastically and in other ways it still remains the same as it was in 1907.  For us it is about the people and community…

“There is no other place like Edmonds and there are no other people like the people of Edmonds.” 

Our Chamber will remain a vital and important part of keeping the future of Edmonds a bright one.

The Board of Directors and dedicated Chamber staff are staying out in front of local and regional issues; our seat at the table allows us to keep watch and influence important decisions affecting the future of our community.  The collective voice of our business owners, members and volunteers ensure the path ahead is one we can be proud to support.

As an independent non-profit we strengthen Edmonds through connecting businesses, government, education and residents to vital information and to one another.  We are proud to bring people from all walks of life together in celebration, which builds community and friendships.

In order to ensure we continue these great programs and grow our business community, we need the support of our members as event sponsors. Share what the Chamber does for our community; encourage neighbors and the businesses you frequent to show their support through membership in the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

—Greg Urban
President & CEO

2019 Accomplishments

Data source: 2019 Annual Membership Report
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